The Complete Guide for Landlords
w/ Essential Real Estate Forms
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Step-by-Step Guide & Handbook for Rental Property
Ownership & Management


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Avoid Stupid  Mistakes



Save Time.  Save Money.  Maximize Profits.  Minimize Risk.


Understand the issues associated with
owning rental properties, and learn the steps to take NOW
to avoid costly mistakes!

Landlord Handbook, Guide & Book

The Complete Guide for Landlords is a training system for landlords, property managers and real estate investors who want to quickly and easily set up a legitimate business that will maximize profits and minimize risks.

Over 35 Essential Real Estate Forms Included!

Written by a veteran landlord and Real Estate Investment Specialist, this step-by-step book is geared toward landlords in the US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom and is filled with navigational and educational "QuickLinks" to help educate you on every aspect of being a landlord.

In addition to having everything you need literally at your fingertips, the book includes an exclusive collection of essential landlord forms in fillable and customizable formats!

Recent Testimonial....

"...The materials received have been quite helpful in providing the details for effective management. What has been explained and covered in the E-Guide is as thorough as any college course on the subject. Plus, the forms are Landlord/Tenant friendly. Well done!... Although, property management is new to me I feel confident that, "Thanks" to the E-Guide, I will do an exemplary job!"


Laurel Schaefer

Toluca Lake, CA

The Complete Guide for Landlords
will show you how to:

Set up a legitimate and professional property management business,

Attract and keep good, PAYING tenants,

Create ads that attract the RIGHT tenant,

Weed out bad tenant prospects thorough tenant screening strategies,

Determine appropriate monthly rent and deposit amounts,

Collect rent payments in full and on time,

Implement trouble-saving policies and procedures,

Effectively deal with difficult tenants and situations,

Avoid tenant evictions,

Save time, money & risk using our automated forms,

Learn and apply the landlord-tenant laws in your jurisdiction,

Prepare state specific lease contracts and other essential forms to protect your legal interests,

Find dozens of other tools to streamline your business.


"I am so IMPRESSED with your book.  Outstanding!  Thorough, well-structured, informative and perfect.  I have added your (companion) website to my favorites folder.

Martha Stevens
President & CEO,
Professional Consulting Firm
Thousand Oaks, CA



Imagine...the security and comfort of knowing exactly what you need to do to create cash flow from owning rental properties! 


Sound too good to be true?

Well, it's not!  This book will show you how!


Take if from us, we have answered hundreds of e-mails from landlords all over the world whose predicaments are almost always the direct result of a lack of education on the basics of landlording! 


Despite the nightmare stories you may have heard about being a landlord, there are many ways  to avoid such trouble by knowing the rules of the game and using them to your advantage.


In a  nutshell, nothing will provide you with a better return on your real estate investment than:

  1. Clearly and completely understanding your legal rights and obligations as a property owner/manager,

  2. Creating and implementing good policies and procedures,

  3. Using a thorough rental agreement and other essential forms that will protect your interests,

  4. Maintaining an awareness of local rental market trends and an knowing how to attract and keep the best types of tenants.

In response to a very apparent need, we wanted to share with other landlords the many key strategies that we have discovered through many years of trial and error.  A simple to read, step-by-step training manual is the result: The Complete Guide for Landlords.


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Don't just take our word for it!

"...The materials received have been quite helpful in providing the details for effective management. What has been explained and covered in the book is as thorough as any college course on the subject. Plus, the forms are Landlord/Tenant friendly. Well done!... Although, property management is new to me, I now feel confident that I will do an exemplary job!"


Laurel Schaefer

Toluca Lake, CA


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Ready-To-Print Forms Make it Easy!

The Complete Guide for Landlords Book  includes over 35 essential real estate forms
for landlords in both fillable (PDF) and customizable (Microsoft Word) formats:

  1. Eviction Notice (for non-payment of rent)

  2. Eviction Notice/Lease Termination Notice

  3. Lease Termination Notice (forceful)

  4. Lease Termination Agreement (mutual)

  5. Application for Residency

  6. Change of Rent Notice

  7. Commercial Lease & Deposit Receipt

  8. Cosigner Agreement

  9. Declined Application Notice

  10. Landlord’s Move-In Procedures Checklist

  11. Landlord-Tenant Rental Agreement

  12. Sample Landlord-Tenant Rental Lease/Agreement   (click for samples)

  13. Lead Based Paint Law Fact Sheet

  14. Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

  15. Lease Extension Addendum

  16. Lease Violation Notice

  17. Management Transfer Letter

  18. Pet Agreement

  19. Property Inspection Form  (click for samples)

  20. Prospective Tenant Phone Log

  21. Roommate Agreement

  22. Security Deposit Settlement Agreement

  23. Tenant Closing Statement

  24. Tenant Log Sheet

  25. Tenant Move-Out Checklist

  26. Tenant’s Notice to Vacate Form (click for samples)

  27. Utility Responsibility Reminder Form

  28. Utility Billing Request Letter


Click here to see Table of Contents






In order to provide you with access to all the resources you will need as a landlord, we have developed The Landlord's Resource Directory with hundreds of state specific links and anything you want to know about the business of rental real estate, all right at your fingertips! 





Tenant Move-In Forms Packet

Tenant Move-Out Forms Packet

This packets include all the forms you will need to screen, move-in and exit a tenant.
Forms in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats:

  1. READ ME - Explanation of forms

  2. Application for Residency (Automated)

  3. Application for Residency (Print Only)

  4. Declined Applicant Notice

  5. Landlord’s Move-In Procedures Checklist

  6. Landlord-Tenant Rental Agreement (Automated)

  7. Landlord-Tenant Rental Agreement (Print Only)

  8. READ ME - Explanation of  Rental Agreement

  9. Lead Based Paint Law

  10. Lead Based Paint Disclosure

  11. Pet Agreement

  12. Property Inspection Form

  13. Roommate Agreement

  14. Tenant’s Notice to Vacate

  15. Tenant Log

  16. Utility Responsibility Reminder Form

  1. READ ME - Explanation of forms

  2. Notice to Pay Rent or Quit (Automated)

  3. Notice to Pay Rent or Quit  (Print Only)

  4. Notice to Pay and Surrender Possession (Automated)

  5. Notice to Pay and Surrender Possession (Print Only)

  6. Notice to Quit for Breach of Contract (Automated)

  7. Notice to Quit for Breach of Contract (Print Only)

  8. READ ME - Explanation of Eviction Notices

  9. Landlord’s Notice to Vacate (forceful)

  10. Lease Termination Agreement (mutual)

  11. Lease Violation Notice

  12. Security Deposit Settlement Agreement

  13. Tenant Closing Statement (Automated)

  14. Tenant Closing Statement (Print Only)

  15. Tenant Move-Out Checklist

  16. Tenant's Notice to Vacate


BONUS #5: 

10 Habits of Highly Effective Landlords

10 More Habits of Highly Effective Landlords

A Recipe for Attracting and Keeping Good Tenants

Keeping a Lid on Landlord Troubles

The ABCs of Roommate Tenancies

The Importance of Using Good Forms

A Guide to Incorporating Your Business



Table of Contents    Decision-Making Matrix  Front Cover / First 7 Pages   Back Cover

Three-Cornerstones of Real Estate Wealth

Risk Free 90-Day Return period


As part of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, it is our company policy to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. So feel free to examine our book and forms for a full 90 days without risk.  If you're not satisfied, simply let us know and we'll refund your money.




Shannyn Hodge Flory's professional experience spans 15 years in the real estate industry including time working in title and escrow, mortgage financing, real estate sales and as an investor and property manager.    She has started and managed three successful property management businesses, has worked as a management consultant, and currently provides one-on-one telephone coaching services to new landlords and property managers wanting to improve their business.

An advocate of the World Wide Web’s ability to provide information immediately and affordably, Shannyn was intrigued by the idea of creating a downloadable electronic training manual for new landlords that could provide an unlimited number of resource links at the click of the mouse.  This idea, coupled with easy to use customizable forms, and a companion web site have made her book the most complete landlord training product of its kind.

Shannyn’s other interests include venturing in her local real estate market where she has bought and sold more than 14 investment units of her own.  Shannyn continues to share her experiences and to develop alliances with other professionals in the industry that will assist her in her commitment to empowering landlords worldwide and is becoming recognized as one of the most respected experts in her field.

Douglas Rutherford, CPADouglas K. Rutherford is a nationally recognized CPA practicing in the real estate industry.  He is the founder of Rutherford, CPA and Associates, and is the President and CEO of  Doug developed the Cash Flow Analyzer® software series beginning in 1993 to assist his clients in analyzing real estate investments.  Today, over 20,000 real estate investors, brokers, agents, bankers, mortgage lenders, and others in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other foreign countries use the Cash Flow Analyzer®.

Doug is also the author of The Complete Guide to Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis.

As a CPA, author, businessman, national speaker and real estate investor, Doug and his firm have turned the Cash Flow Analyzer® series into the leading investment analysis software product on the market today.   Doug earned his Masters of Taxation degree from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.

Doug is a member of the America Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants (GSCPA), and the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP).

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