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Do you want to get your hands on
the most
in-depth, complete, what-to-do and Step-by-Step

"How To" Training Material & Software for QuickBooks®?

Wait, did I mentioned it's the EASIEST as well?

That's right.. it is the Easiest Bookkeeping System to learn
and use for Real Estate Investors.

Whether You're "buying & selling" or "buying & holding"
it doesn't matter. I'll teach you both Systems.


PLUS You'll Learn...

How To Automate Your Office to leverage your talents & skills into Bigger Profits


About the simplicity and truth about Asset Protection


How to prevent bookkeeper embezzlement


How and what tasks to hire out
And much more...

The Complete Property Management
Bookkeeping System

Property Management Software &
Step-by-Step Course: Only $397

The Bookkeeping Made Easy System has been updated and expanded for 2009. All features & screenshots are of the new QuickBooks 2009 version. It's the easiest version yet to use. Along with Matt's VISUAL guidebook, you'll learn QuickBooks FAST and the easiest way.. visually. It beats reading boring text and bookworm terms like debit & credit.

You're going to learn ways to automate your office procedures along with how to prevent embezzlement when you begin to hire out your bookkeeping tasks. Plus, I'll explode the myths about being classified as a dealer and you'll find the new Tenant Management System very easy to implement and manage.

Buy the course & software now,
 and get everything the class covers...

Listen, you should not have to read through mounds of wishy-washy testimonials. I'm going to give you ONE to read. You'll read from an investor that has purchased courses from all of Matt's competition and the Bookkeeping Made EASY system...


(actual email received)

To: Matt Scott
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Matt,
I just wanted to thank you for creating an awesome user friendly "Bookkeeping Made Easy" QuickBooks course.

I had bought 4 other QuickBooks real estate investing courses
before yours, and spent over $1,500 on them. The other courses
are difficult to understand.

Your course is the only one that shows how to split home equity
lines of credit with multiple transactions easily. Yours is easy
because it walks you through the most difficult transactions
using the QuickBooks screenshots.

My brother is a CPA and he agrees, he likes it because I don't
have to keep calling him and asking for help anymore.


Greg Moriva

Get relief from your bookkeeping problems
like Greg did... and you'll Learn...


• Don't Become a Bookworm! Just Learn What You NEED to Know!

• You Will Learn How to Use QuickBooks® visually without the need to read BORING text.

• How each type of income (Dealer & Rental) is taxed & recorded into QB

• What is taxable and when does it become taxable? Very important!

• The truth and MYTH about being classified as a Dealer! Don't believe the gurus!

• How to setup QuickBooks® for Rentals, Lease Options, and other passive income.

• How each type of real estate income is reported and taxed differently!

• How to setup QuickBooks® for Buying & Selling, including rehabs, flips, and installment sales.

• EXPANDED Learn how to report Wraps, Options, Security Deposits, Notes and more!

• Should you be paying yourself a salary? If so, how much? The IRS is watching!

• What should be your day to day activities?

• NEW CHECKLISTS & Flow charts!

• NEW Transactions!

• Monthly & Quarterly reporting requirements.

• Expanded: Automated Property management

Property Management Software &
Step-by-Step Course: Only $397

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